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Sustainable Australia Tours

From $2000USD "Experience the Best of Australia, Sustainably: From the Outback to the Reef, and Tasmania too!"

Our 10-day sustainable tour of Australia is the perfect way to experience the best of this incredible country, while also prioritizing sustainable tourism practices. From the rugged wilderness of the Blue Mountains to the breathtaking beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, and even the unspoiled natural wonder of Tasmania, this tour has it all. With a focus on sustainable transportation, eco-friendly accommodations, and local businesses that prioritize sustainability, you can enjoy the natural beauty of Australia without harming the environment. Plus, with unique experiences like wine tasting at sustainable vineyards and guided hikes through national parks, you'll get an up-close look at the flora and fauna that make Australia so special. Come explore the land Down Under in the most responsible and sustainable way possible, while still having the adventure of a lifetime!

Day 1-2: Sydney

Visit the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and take a guided eco-tour to learn about the plants and animals native to the area.

Explore the city on foot or by bike, using sustainable transportation options.

Day 3-4: Blue Mountains National Park

Take a guided hike through the Blue Mountains National Park, focusing on sustainable practices like "leave no trace" principles and responsible wildlife viewing.

Learn about conservation efforts to protect the endangered species in the park.

Day 5: Hunter Valley

Visit local vineyards that use sustainable practices, such as organic farming and water conservation techniques.

Enjoy a wine tasting experience and learn about the importance of supporting local, sustainable agriculture.

Day 6-7: Great Barrier Reef

Take a sustainable snorkeling or diving tour to explore the Great Barrier Reef, while learning about the importance of protecting this fragile ecosystem.

Learn about sustainable tourism practices that are helping to protect the reef for future generations.

Day 8-9: Tasmania

Visit Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park and take a guided hike through the rugged wilderness, learning about the park's unique flora and fauna.

Visit Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary to see and learn about Tasmania's unique wildlife, including the Tasmanian devil.

Stay in eco-friendly accommodations that prioritize sustainability, such as the sustainable eco-cabins at Rocky Hills Retreat.

Day 10: Melbourne

Visit the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, and take a sustainable tour to learn about the native plants and animals of the area.

Explore the city by bike or public transportation, and visit sustainable shops and restaurants to support local businesses that prioritize sustainability.

This itinerary allows you to experience the natural beauty of Australia, while also learning about sustainable tourism practices and supporting local communities. With the addition of Tasmania, you can also see unique wildlife and explore one of the most beautiful and unspoiled parts of the country.

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